OMG Y’all, My Girlfriend’s Film is On YouTube!
August 6, 2006, 4:51 pm
Filed under: gay and lesbian, lesbian film, Traveling Companion, You Tube


Yesterday, while performing my ritual mindless googling about who knows what, I came across a copy of my girlfriend Paula’s film, Traveling Companion (1999) on You Tube.

Not only is the film up and running, I am happy to report, but people are actually watching and enjoying it. And though we’re not making a dime, we’re just happy to see the film have a new life on the Internet.

Paula, who is sitting on the couch with me now, says the film is about, “love and loss and the ability to love again.” She now feels the film is earnest and “achingly sentimental,” but I love it because it shows Paula’s sweet, uncynical side. Like her, the film has a good heart.

The coffee house scenes were filmed at the now defunct WeHo lesbian coffee house Little Frida’s, and the rest of the film at a friend’s home in Laurel Canyon.

Traveling Companion won the Executive Director’s Award at the Newport Beach Film Festival and stars Sex in the City’s Kristin Davis. It’s available on Wolfe video should anyone want to buy a copy of their own.