The “No Shit” Quote of the Day
August 15, 2006, 10:17 pm
Filed under: blogging, gay and lesbian, media

Breaking from Fox News:

“A blog includes personal opinions and reflections posted on a Web site and usually offers readers the ability to comment on posted material. Anyone can add their opinion, regardless of how nutty or obnoxious it is.”

* from “no shit” story of the day, Blogs Offer Arena for Political Attacks

Evidently, the folks at Fox News are just now starting to consider the relevance of the blogosphere, however “nutty or obnoxious,” as it pertains to contemporary media and politics. Nevermind the disturbing fact that Fox thinks bloggers are more nutty and/or obnoxious than their “legitimate” network reporters, isn’t that like noticing the lifeboats while the Titanic is sinking?