Finally! A Lesbian Magazine I Can Relate To!
June 7, 2006, 9:01 pm
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Starting as a quarterly, Jane & Jane promises to be a magazine that me and my friends have been looking for. According to the magazine’s editors,

Jane & Jane™ is about culinary creations, discovering fine wines, investing in your future, planning your next family vacation and how to maintain your relationships. It will cover topics such as home decor, outdoor yard projects and gardening tips, as well as articles on de-stressing, fitness, and health & nutrition. Jane & Jane™ will also share ideas on how to enhance your social life with several activity ideas to capture your interests. And finally, Jane & Jane™ will keep you informed with interviews on your favorites in the WNBA and the LPGA.

Hopefully, this magazine will dispel the myth for once and for all that lesbians are not a worthwhile marketing demographic, that we do not spend money on consumer goods as gay men do. As a person who works in the media, I can tell you first hand that this myth has squashed far too many worthwhile film and television projects AND it’s been the excuse companies use when low balling the folks who work on lesbian themed media projects. To all of this I say, good rinse! We girls – like all women – spend plenty of bread on consumer goods, you just have to know which products and where to find us. Let’s toast to JANE & JANE as being exactly that place!