Hillary Clinton Should Just Be the Liberal that She Is, Or is She?
May 26, 2006, 6:04 pm
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Hate to say it, but nobody likes a “flip flopper.” Not conservatives, not liberals. Moving to the center, when you are in fact left of center, makes you look like a professional politician without a firm set of values.

Case in point Hillary Clinton:

In her attempts to be everything to everyone, to take up flag burning as an issue that appeals to middle-America (whatever that is), vote for the war then publicly oppose it without calling for the removal of troops, or support civil rights but oppose marriage-equality under the name of “keeping the federal government out of it” – a clever trick indeed – Hillary Clinton has flubbed her credibility with everyone.

Rather than gaining the center, you loose your base…

Susan Sarandon Endorses Hillary Clinton’s Opponent in New York Senatorial Race

..And support your opponents’ claims against you:

Hillary’s little helpers

Says Kevin McCullough,

“In one breath to callers from her state she assures them of her support for the institution of traditional marriage and how the states should have every right to protect it. In the next she is hosting backdoor conferences and making propositions in smoke-filled rooms to advance the radical homosexual activist cause – yet she must go to the activists to learn how to make their case.”