The Adventures of Super Lesbian Girl
August 12, 2006, 8:44 pm
Filed under: Angelina Jolie, gay and lesbian


My girlfriend Paula is soooo talented (and cute!). Not only is she a kick ass filmmaker, she’s a web artist as well. Paula created a series of lesbian-themed animated e-cards for American Greetings called “The Adventures of Super Lesbian Girl.” Our heroine “Super Lesbian Girl” is part Gloria Steinem, part Angelina Jolie. She’s the girl we all wish we could be or date. She rescues ladies in distress from sexist co-workers and blind dates from hell, and looks damn hot while doing it. There are 4 cards: one for Birthday, Congratulations, Thank You and Christmas. Send them to gay friends, girlfriends, or to your parents if you want to freak’ em out for the holidays.

Paula wrote and directed the cards and plays the part of Super Lesbian Girl. I guess you could say she’s my SUPER LESBIAN GIRL.

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