Gay Hollywood?
December 11, 2006, 6:19 pm
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I was in the grocery story yesterday buying my seasonal low fat eggnog when I noticed in the check out aisle, right across from the candy, yet another tabloid magazine with the headline, ‘Who’s Gay in Hollywood.”

Of course, I picked it up faster than you can say John Travolta. But still, I wondered, while closely inspected the surveillance photo of Travolta lip kissing another man on the steps of an airplane – WHY do we care so much?!? Why are we -gay and straight – so obsessed with the closet and which celebrity is hiding there? Why? Are we pathetic and in need of a life, as would common wisdom suggest, or does this curiosity tell us something deeper or more profound about the human condition in 21st century America?

Any ideas…


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Sometimes I have a gut instinct about someone. I guess I’m drawn to womyn I like who are lesbian because like me…they’re social non-conformists even though they might be traditional in some ways. I adore Ellen and she uses man-language when she talks. I love Rosie too and less conservative. She’s more feminist. I’m straight but identify with anyone who’s outside of the mainstream and has experienced being ‘different’.
Like being feminist, or atheist and having to live life around people who think and talk traditional and figure everyone else should be.

Comment by Carol Mariane



Of course people who are gay are human. My son is gay , and he’s the most wonderful guy in the world. But I must be honest and say that neither of us care for Ms. Odonnell. Nothing to do with being gay, just never liked her.

Comment by sylvia

ACcepting and tolerance is good but wrong is wrong.

Comment by PatKimLeslie

We are fascinated with ‘the lie’. That is the reason we love to examine closet cases. We are drawn towards both deception and evil because they free us of our own guilts. A closet case has built a whole life around careful play-acting and sometimes quiet, subtle gamesmanship. We know instantly that we completely own them, another human being, because of their ultimate fear of exposure. That is why the Republican Party holds its homosexuals very close – they are proficient tools to be used when needed.

Comment by Jason

Jason you say ‘we’ but you do not speak for me. I’m always glad when someone gets outted for anything, simply because I despise lying. Will lying ever stop? Nah, but it is ironic to me to hear people cry about inequality, double-standards, oppression… then lie to protect themselves, lie and give in and pretend to conform. Grow some balls! If people keep cowering when approached by the fundamentalists, the Nazis, the neo-cons… too afraid to tell the truth, then forever you will be oppressed! Grow up and stop worrying about if people approve. You live once, don’t live it as a lie.

Comment by CO2JuNKiE

Are you saying that you’ve never lied CO2? If you are saying that, then you’re lying now. Everyone has lied for some reason or another. I despise holier than thou attitudes. I think that the person has to be comfortable w/who they are before they can come out. It’s not up to you or the media or anyone else to out someone else. They should be allowed to come out at their own time w/o worrying about people telling their secrets before they get a chance to. It’s not about being a liar. It’s about being comfortable in your own skin; being comfortable with who you are. If they can’t accept themselves at that particular time, who’s to say anyone else will?

Comment by malina cortez-allen

malina cortez-allen well said!

Comment by Mark

I feel nobody likes anything shoved in their faces. Yet I am gay and see why you should live out of the closet. I cant tell you how many times I have been in a room and someone just for the heck of it started saying how much they did not like gay people. Then I come out to them and they are like “Wow really?” You dont look it, and
SURPIZE I like you!
I like to think I might help some people understand people are not labels.

Comment by Kels

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Comment by Mike

No Malina Cortez-Allen – I’m not saying I never lied. But when I do lie & I do get caught I don’t cry that the person figuring out the truth was rude to me. Thus there is no holier than thou attitude.

This is exactly what I am talking about. You seem to be putting approval FIRST. Do not put approval first, put who YOU ARE first. Be who you are, then worry about approval. So of course I support gays for being gays.

People aren’t breaking etiquette rules when they figure out you’ve lied. The world is not yours to manipulate as you see fit by spreading deceit, then cry when someone figures out your BS. Gays are not treated fairly, but they have it better than a Jew did in Nazi Germany. So things could be much worse. If they don’t seize the moment now to come out & demand rights – they might never get them.

Comment by CO2JuNkiE

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