Jodie Foster & Cydney Bernard circa 2001
September 7, 2006, 5:38 pm
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Jodie Foster’s girlfriend Cydney Bernard is on the far right. This photo was taken in 2001 at the premiere of the TV movie Ratz which Bernard produced.

Here’s Jodie at the premiere:


The two met on the set of Summersby in 1993.


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Good luck to them.

Comment by benji

good luck you two.

Comment by benji

Jodie Foster calls herself a lesbian…..really she didn’t know who Sappho was.

Comment by Todd Glenn Longino

Not all of us care to id ourselves with Sappho–a courtesian from the greek isle—-apparently some womyn like to bi into the Greek crap that the gay men attach to us as they think they dominate using the frankish term for gay but id us as Lesbian rrrr– and it keeps them away from the whispered trapping of Ancient Greek society…. Good for Foster for having a brain and a mind of her own!!! Not all of us in the womyns community can be strung around as undercitizens adopting the mythology of what is or is not all things femine and gay. One proud gay womyn who is not into the Greek way.

Comment by Finzbar

Finzbar,when i look in mirror i dont see a gay man being lead around by some tight ass. In addition; why would I break jodies mothers heart by sueing her daughter. lets see how her boys turn out.

Comment by Todd Glenn Longino

Finzbarn, get a clue & drop the pseudo-tough lezbean macho growling, it really is silly and quit stale. Jodi Foster acts like she invented something cool like the waffle iron, but instead she is another plastic actor who spensd her life pretending to be other people.

Comment by Karl Rath

Um….im sorry but the partner looks reli old 4 jodie! doesnt any1 else see it

But if there hapy then gd luck 2 them….


Comment by alice

I think Jodie is astute because she handles her lucrative career very carefully. I feelshe is definitely an educated lesbian but SO WHAT. Good For HER.

Comment by benji

OK..just hear me out here, I’m not saying this is positively true, I have nothing against lesbians, and it isn’t any of our business anyway, but…
Why does everyone assume that she’s lesbian? Is there any proof? Just because she’s been seen with Cydney Bernard doesn’t mean that they’re lovers. Unless someone took a picture of her kissing a girl or something, then they could just be friends. I’m probably the only one in the WORLD that thinks that Jodie Foster maybe ISN’T lesbian, but just tell me what you think here…

Comment by somebody

WHO CARES??????????

Comment by fedcamper


Comment by ARTCAT

At least she doesn’t go around trying to make a spectacle of the whole thing. Hell Look at Ellen Degeneres, she used to her sexuality to build a career on. Jody doesn’t politicize her sexuality doesn’t go around shoving it down other people’s throats. Her private life is her private life and I respect her for that.

Comment by Eric


Comment by Jessica Palmer

Jessica, you make us sick

Comment by Stace

Yeah, I’m straight and Jessica makes me sick. Pointless hate? That’s ugly.

Comment by katrina

What’s up with the attitude ARTCAT. Jody has the right to “privacy” as she desires. It has nothing to do with being a coward. Is she supposed to flaunt her lesbianess just because she is gay? No. That is utter childish stupidity.

Now reverse the senario. Had she been straight would you call her a coward because she does not flaunt her heterosexuality because the desires of privacy.

I disagree with her lifestyle, we all have our shortfalls, but it is how we deal with them that counts. Flaunting homosexuality is no better than flaunting heterosexuality or even any promiscuity of either type.

I disagree with her lifestyle, we all have our shortfalls, but it is how we deal with them that counts. Denying or flaunting anything does not make her any better this or better that. And flaunting homosexuality is no better than flaunting heterosexuality or even any promiscuity of either type.

The right and desire for privacy is completely irrelevant to her sexual preference. The woman wants her privacy; it is her right and it has nothing to do with her sexual orientation. Additionally maybe, just maybe she really is not homosexual. That alone should be respected regardless to any personal position she has related to anything in life.

Grow up, please.

PS: Also, maybe, just maybe, she is one of those few called asexual…and thus you would imposing beliefs upon on her, based on your own personal bias.

Comment by Mike

i would like to thank Mike for that brilliant observation. i think that people have begun to expect celebrities to be “unvealed” or put into the spotlight. i think that every person has the right to be who they want to be. they should not be considered a coward if they simply want to actually have a life that is not analyzed by the media and the brain-washed idiots who believe everything they hear. Also to “by somebody”, i completely agree. i think that maybe she is straight. why is it so wrong for her to be lesbian. to JESSICA PARKER i would like to say that you are the one who makes me SICK. there is nothing wrong with being gay. there is nothing in the bible that says it is wrong and there is no line in the constitution or the declaration of independence that says being gay is wrong. you are a BIGOT who needs to open their mind and realize that the whole world is changing every day and i wouldn’t be surprised if one of our next presidents is gay. a question to you also; have you ever seen a Jodie Foster movie? have you ever seen her perform? i among millions of other people who believes that Jodie Foster is one of the best actors of our time.

thank you very much!!!


PS. The Bible is just a BOOK written by MEN. People should choose their own path with dignity and pride. The church is just another business.

Comment by katrina

All I know is that Jody is beautiful and I am jealous of Cydney. I have had a life-long crush on Jody, not knowing what her sexual orientation is! Good for the two of them to exercise their right to privacy. I am a bi-sexual woman with three children who does not feel that because I am Bi,there is an unwritten mandate for me to expose my sexual orientation to the world. No one should care and it is no ones business!

Comment by Stacy

“I disagree with her lifestyle, we all have our shortfalls, but it is how we deal with them that counts.”

How judgmental of you Mark. Are you some religious nutjob that thinks that her choice of lifestyle (whatever that may be) is somehow a character flaw?

All I can say is that despite your religious shortfall I’m sure there’s at least one person out there who possibly likes you.

Comment by Nick Berg

Ha, religious shortfall, exactly.

Comment by katrina

Jodie Foster and Cydney Bernard — two Sodomites who’ll burn in Hell.

Comment by Moses

Judgmental a-holes burn faster (PS. There is no hell, it’s a man-made idea created to control the masses).

Comment by katrina

sexual behavior is private.
sexual orientation is not.

the only people who are concerned with it being “private” are gay people who aren’t comfortable. Straight people talk about their orientation ALL the time. They just don’t realize that’s what they’re doing because nobody makes them feel weird or uncomfortable about it.

I’ve never met a straight person who didn’t loudly proclaim their straightness. They wear wedding rings, they show photos, they change their names to reflect their couplehood, they casually reference their significant others or spouses even to complete strangers, if they’re single they talk about who they’re attracted to. They talk about people their friends are trying to set them up with.

seriously now. Who keeps their orientation “private” other than gay people?

I wish Jodie would come out.

Comment by nathaniel r

WOW! Lots of opinions. How about we all focus on living our lives as responsible members of the universe. Maybe then we would have less time to throw stones at each other.

Comment by Diane

Good actress, suspected she was a lesbian but when confirmed, my only comment is what a waste.

Comment by Ed

I always thought she was a hottie. She is still a hottie whatever her flavor.

Comment by Pat

LITTLERODY it does say in the old testament of the bible that 2 people of the same sex are not to lay with each other. So it does state in the bible about being homosexual.

Comment by Kami

The bible also dictates a lot of other crap that no one bothers to pay attention to. Religious freaks only quote the bible when it suits their need to hate others, and they conveniently ignore the rest.

Comment by katrina

Hmmm, some interesting points here! (outside of the homophobic and thoughtless ones)

In principle I believe in coming out. We all know the freedom and realities it brings.

Right or wrong… I understand why Jodie doesn’t. The attention/harrassment from the media these days puts an incredible toll on all celebrity relationships. And if I was famous, I would certainly feel the need to protect the privacy of my partner, my children, and my family… not from homophobia… but from gossiping press.

I would also like to add Kami… that passage from the bible you make reference to specificly is talking about child prostitution, it has only been distorted by biased religions to justify their hatred.

Much love all,

Comment by Grvy

Little Rhody,

Plse read chap 19 of Genesis in the Bible.

best wishes, Grandpa Jack

Comment by Grandpa Jack

Jodie Foster is a genius actor. I’m 16, and I love her work and admire her for everything she’s done and the impacts she’s made.
While I disagree that “no one should ever have any business talking about her private life” (celebrities should stop complaining about the life they signed up for), I think JODIE OWES US NOTHING. She has her rights; she shouldn’t be labeled a “coward” for choosing not to scream out her sexual orientation.
I personally love the way she’s handled it… she’s literally the poster-woman for an excellent Hollywood star. She’s a class act.

Just my two cents.

Comment by Sera

Given the state of the world that we live in with poverty, murder, child molestation and war, perhaps we should concentrate on more important issues. I’m not sure that any of us, including you Grandpa Jack, are in any position to judge one another and it’s only distracting us from what is really important in life. When can we move on from this tired subject.

Comment by Wendi

I would like to see her munch box!

Comment by mike

You should remove your foul comment and avoid these chat rooms, oh and grow up.

Comment by katrina

you know i wish the people who are against homosexuality would take a real look at why they feel that way and id bet there are major issues….they have the problem..
Love is not so visible in the world today. If people are consenting to love who are we to have any opinions about it. Live your life the straight way if that does it for you and let gays and lesbians live there life their way.
Stop hiding behind religion MOSES….. Pathetic.
Keep your ridiculous comments for the real criminals who do things against peoples wills, like murderers, rapists, paedophiles etc.
Maybe there are alot of closet homosexuals making the silly comments here.
I hope Jody will be happy regardless of who makes her happy. HAPPY is the important word here in case you people didn’t get it.

Comment by aisling

All the people who left negative comments about Jodie Foster ( or anybody who is actually LIVING LIFE ) are the ones with no lives. They were born with limited brain capacity, limited intelligence, no hearts, no emotions, and with the horse blinkers. They see things, but there are blind. They hear things but they are deaf. They go through life without understanding nothing about being a human being. They pretend to be “religious, straight, black, pink, conservative etc” and they are happy with labels. Personally I think all these creatures can not be called humans, because they can not think, feel for themselves. They are sad, lost, empty bodies in need of a human soul. Jodie and your family, all my gods bless you guys with happyness and perfect health. You made me happy with your movies. Your life is yours Jodie, no one elses. XXX

Comment by Lizzy Kline

I am a huge fan of Jodie and I own every movie the woman has ever made. I am really surprised that her girlfriend is so unattractive. Cydney must be a wonderful person !!!!!!!!!

Comment by Sharon

Kami and Jack,

First of all if you 2 feel the need to quote the bible, you might want to read a bit further into it than the first chapter. Sheshhh ignorant people! It says Judge ye not for lest not ye be judge, you who judge think you’re me and therefore worse than the people you judge!

As for Jodi Foster, she has a right to do whatever she feels is best for her family, whoever that consists of. I do think that remaining closeted makes it more difficult for other people though. I think that someone all americans look up to and resepct can pave the way. I think that it may help to abolish the ridiculous steroetypes that go on.

For those who commented on her partner… Shame on you and look in a mirror! Beauty fades, DUMB IS FOREVER!

Comment by Angela

I think Jodie is a real honey. Very atractive, Bright, And I would just love to convert her. LoL
But good luck to her

Comment by Gordon

To all bible thumping bigots. Maybe you should read the whole bible. If you do, you would find it also says it is a sin to eat meat that has not been offered up on an alter. So all you meat eating bigots better repent right now,or go straight to hell. On 2nd. thought don’t repent. Just go to hell.

Comment by MAUREEN

Ms. Foster’s sexual preference……who’s business is it? HERS, and HERs ALONE! There is no need for her to speak publically about anything personal. I don’t speak publically about my relations with my husband! her acting ability is astounding…that’s what we should be discussing.

Comment by laura

She’s amazing–beautiful and somebody
who likes life,likes who she is, and what she does for a living. I still think a phrase that I heard years ago will always apply in that when people find love that really connects for them, any love, meaning whichever gender, is good love.
That’s happiness . . . .

Comment by Brenda

She is a smart attritive women. the only thing i just is she lesbo or is she straight? but it doesnt matter i wouldnt mind getting on with her. not sexually but in a consvertation and pick her brain, if we had sex it would be a bonus.

Comment by brian

Also Anderson Cooper they do NOT deny in private but don’t want to go out with it because it could affect there carers.Everyone knows anyway, so what.Look what happened to Ellen.She was 2 years without a job, death threats and more. For man is even worse.Why would you want to be in somebody’s bedroom?

Comment by Katarina

To all the people castigating Jody for not coming out. Certainly you must realise there are two people involved in the relationship,(four if you count the children) perhaps it is Cydney who wishes her life to remain private. She is, after all, in a career where one would not expect to attract a lot of public attention.

Also I would like to point out that there are a lot of heterosexual actors that also do not talk about their private lives.

Comment by therussmeister

I live in Canada where gay marriage is legal and I happy to have many gay friends – some wanting to get married with their partners others thinking it’s an heterosexual lifestlyle therefore not suitable for theirs. I, myfelf, am a bisexual woman happily married to a wonderful man and the proud mother of a 12 year-old daughter. I find women beautiful and so loving and men to me are so genuine and strong, I decided to enjoy both aspects of human sexuality -making love to a woman is so different from making love to a man but both ways are worth investigating. Now, to go back to Mrs Foster’s unwillingness to comply to the standard of the LGBT communities, I have to say I don’t care because even though I’m openly bisexual to my friends and all I don’t consider myself belonging to ANY community whatsoever. I’d like to think that anyone is entitled to their right to keep or not their life hidden from the scrutiny of the outside world. I think she’s a very good actress and to me that’s all that matters because at the very end I will not be the one to hold her in my arms if ever something bad happens in her life presently or in the future – that is the priviledge of the people she holds very dearly in her hearts. That’s all folks now go get a life !

Comment by cakoue

I live in Canada where gay marriage is legal and I happen to have many gay friends – some wanting to get married with their partners others thinking it’s an heterosexual lifestyle therefore not suitable for theirs. I, myself, am a bisexual woman happily married to a wonderful man and the proud mother of a 12 year-old daughter. I find women beautiful and so loving and men to me are so genuine and strong, I decided to enjoy both aspects of human sexuality – making love to a woman is so different from making love to a man but both ways are worth investigating. Now, to go back to Mrs Foster’s unwillingness to comply to the standard of the LGBT communities, I have to say I don’t care because even though I’m openly bisexual to my friends and all I don’t consider myself belonging to ANY community whatsoever. I’d like to think that anyone is entitled to their right to keep or not their life hidden from the scrutiny of the outside world. I think she’s a very good actress and to me that’s all that matters because at the very end I will not be the one to hold her in my arms if ever something bad happens in her life presently or in the future – that is the priviledge of the people she holds very dearly in her hearts. That’s all folks now go get a life !

Comment by cakoue

i just found out she was a carpet muncher,i will never look at her the same way again. she has become a rosie o donnell, and i hate that fucking fat discusting pussy eatin cow

Comment by God hates queers

NO! Jody playing for the other team?? CRAP!!

What a waste.

Comment by vonster

Jodi is Jodi !

Comment by missy

Awesome to have a working relationship that lasts for over 20 years! I should be so blessed.

Comment by RichnJC

Lesbians and gays just Perverts, absolutely abnormal and disgusting …. simply… YUCK!!!
Jodie… we are not interested if you fancy women…. keep it for yourself!!! YUCK!!!!!!

Comment by Miranda

dont worry Miranda, heterosexual can be cured too!

Comment by jaden

Well, it is no suprise to me. Good for her!!! She is an awesome actress. I will still see her movies. I hope she is happy!

Comment by Lesa

Hi everybody
I am a girl from a small country in Scandinavia called Denmark. When I was little and when i did not know that much about the US I was like “Oh the americanes were the great ones they saved us from Hitler” but now I am not so sure. I do not want to be judgemental but it seems to me that a lot of you midwest americans give all the choices to god? so what if she is lesbian a 2000 year old book cannot change the way she feels – she is born that way! I really think that America will become a fallen empire if you continue to look for all the answers in the bible instead of be thinking independintly. In my high school my English teacher is lesbian with two children my Ancient history teacher is gay and they are happy! And we are happy because they are good people no matter what their preferences are! I think society will stand still if we just find all the answers in an old book. The bible can to some people give them support and I am cool with that as long as you do not judge other people’s way of living with it. In the end it is not the Christian fundementalists but God who will decide. Remember that!

Comment by Anne many homophobics in here..what harm does it to you, if people live their life with the person they love? you really seem to have a problem there, is everyone not allowed to be happy?

Comment by ak

Ms. Foster is a wonderful, talented actor. Who is her judge? She made a wonderful statement about her friend, and at once people have to analyze it. And for the bible thumpers, bring it. God tells us he hates pride, and we are not to judge. Worry about your own sin.

Comment by Kimmy

Kimmy, you completely misunderstood! I speak on behalf of gays, and I am not a christian or i do not believe in good at all but that’s not my point. my point was that if you are a good christian you should not judge others thats up to (your) god to do that.
Jodie rocks!

Comment by Anne

was that comment meant for me ak? If it’s so you did not read my comment carefully. What I meant was that it does not matter to me or my other fellow student who are brought up in a (Danish) society that does not judge you on who you’d like to spend your life with.

Comment by Anne

Does anybody donate money to the Cancer and Aids Foundations? Who wants to talk about the Presidential debate? Who wants a “veto” for breakfast?

Comment by Maphon Ashmon

What a surprise? I think not. She has always appeared very masculine even when she dresses like a girl. However, I admire her strength to protect her children from being a “spectacle” for the photogs. I feel sure that whatever lifestyle she is living, that she is a good mom who loves her children. I also feel that she wouldn’t be with someone who was not committed to her children as well as to Jodi. No one knows what’s in anyone else’s heart. I personally love my husband who makes my life richer and I’m sure Cydney does Jodi’s.

Comment by Becca Kremer

i read these and i never comment. and every time i see these comments…i realize how much negativity there is in the world. the only way to better this world is to better ourselves. in the end…people just want to be happy, so just let them be.

Comment by carolyn

I’m thinking that all the people here that are commenting on the bible not being relevent in this situation, should be the ones to read it. I understand the bible as saying that we’re to hate sin, but love the sinner. Is homosexuality a sin? I would say if you personally think it is, than it is, to you. God doesn’t have a sin-o-meter. Sin is sin. Lying is the same as killing. Where does being gay fit into the meter? My thoughts on the matter are: What ANYONE does with their lives is between them and God. I’m just told to love everyone. So that’s what I try to do. Some people are a little less lovable, but I try to do the right thing anyway. By the way, I’m a 56 year old woman who is married to the man of her dreams, going on 30 years now. AND, I love the Lord. Blessings to all and have a wonderful holiday.

Comment by patticarrico

I’m happy she acknowledged her partner and wish them the best.

Comment by Wendy

I have been and will always be a Jodie Foster Fan. As someone who is gay and Out, I do not care whether or not she comes out or not. I feel it is always in the best interest of the individual whether they feel the need to come “out” or not. Who are we to say it’s about time or I always knew it, etc. Whatever makes Miss Foster Happy should be enough for her. Remember people, it is not “OUR” life here, it is hers and hers alone. I just hope everyone will allow her, and whomever she wishes to live life with, the privacy they are entitled too. Live Happy and prosper. And by all means keep making great films. You have proven time and time again through your craft that you deserve all the happiness in the world.

Comment by Mark

I’ve always liked Jodie Foster as an actress and as a person who seems to be very humble and kind. I hope she makes more movies and continues to have a good life.

Comment by Cyndi

who cares….really. i love jodie foster, but her life has no effect on me (although i know anyone who is so talented and intelligent can only help silence the homophobic few)but when i read idiotic comments i just cant help but laugh and get a little irritated. When the bible thumpers finally get off the pulpit maybe… just maybe, there will be more peace in the world. More hate and negativity has been created by religious fanatics who pick and choose bible quotes to suit their needs and overlook the main theme of all religions which is to make this brief time we are alive more loving and peaceful. Why waste your precious minutes on earth worrying about who someone you dont even know loves. *peace* xo

Comment by mj

oh people PLEASE…the bible also talks about premarital sex so most of the hetero world is going to hell in a handbasket then? If wed all spend more time in our OWN bedrooms and look in our OWN mirrors wed spend A LOT less time in others and YES IM a Lesbian and proud of it and tired of hetero being shoved down my throat from wake time to nightime. So everyone go get a life…YOUR OWN

Comment by jane

To mj
Usually I do not but I am doing a project for school and I just needed a little sparetime and ended on this page. Now I’ve handed in my school project and I’ll let this page be, merry christmas to all:)

Comment by Anne

..gosh, they are tiny aren’t they? I think Jodie is like, 5’2″ or 3″ and Cydney looks like she’s an inch or two shorter. BTW I love Jodie! This just makes her even cooler…

Comment by grace

I’m straight and very feminine but rarely date. It’s actually due to health issues, but that’s not anyone’s business, so I just don’t address my private life with people. People do, in fact, frequently assume that I’m gay.

I think its annoying how much Americans inflict their private lives on others, to be honest. I live in the south and its like a past-time here, talking about one’s private life. There’s a reason it’s called a PRIVATE life.

Comment by Sydney

I think that the world would be a better place if we all just let everyone get on with their own life. I am glad Jodie Foster has ‘appeared’ to come out. If everyone came out publicly – we would soon realise that a lot more than 10% of the population were gay or at least had a same sex attraction. If this happened – it would be so common place and normal that it wouldn’t take long for everyone to realise it is normal.

I don’t believe religion makes wars – it is ignorance. If someone is truly a muslim they wouldn’t harm another, same goes for catholics and other religions. These people are terrorist or bigots – not religous. Ignorant people hide behind religion to get away with anti-social behaviour or other acts a lot more serious. Remember – they are ignorant people not religous people. True god loving people will be open minded and accept everyone for who they are – there are not many people who can actually say that.

I am an atheist, a lesbian (possibly bisexual) and I just want to refer to my partner by name a part of a normal conversation and not worry if I am being judged. I don’t think being out and proud is necessary, I just want to have a normal conversation about life and not skirt around the issue of a partner’s name.

I think it is disrespectful to avoid mentioning you have a partner (or even worse denying it), if this is a person you have chosen to spend you life with. This is why I am quite open, I don’t tend to make an announment that I AM GAY, but I will talk about my partner normally, like straight people do. I am normal and I didn’t choose to fancy women – it is just a fact.

Good for Jodie but I respect her as an actress and that is all that matters to me at the end of the day.

Comment by zak

We honor your bravery and support you!

Tina and Gina

Comment by Gina

Only 7% of population is gay – and 7% of anything is not normal. Sick people – ’nuff said.

Comment by mike

Cydney Bernard, Yuck. I have seen better looking mules! Say no more. Jodie could do better.

Comment by RobP

Jodie and Cydney make a beautiful couple, if that’s what they are. If not, who cares? Let them and other gay people (if they are) live their lives in peace without prejudice and bigotry. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be hated for what I am inside.

Comment by BillD

this is new to me, I was in love with her anyway, it’s funny how people can sense these things.. Jodie is the prettiest, most talented actress. I loved her before I clearly knew what gay was. Anyway it is an inspiration to me to come out too as Jodie is my role model.

Comment by Kathy

Actually, there IS a passage in the Bible, ‘Thou shalt not lay with a man as you would a woman, Thou shalt not lay with a beast as you would a woman’.
This was said by God to Lott, chief of the city of Sodom, before or after he razed it to the ground and tuned his wife to a pillar of salt.
Told to us by a teacher in bible class.

Jody is a fantastic actress.

The correct grammatical term for a phobia is a fear of something. ‘Homophobia’ is a very misused term. You may not have a fear of it, just hate the lifestyle choice. Maybe it should be called Homointolorance?

Comment by derek bernhart

derek bernhart: can you name that verse in the bible? Do you know that the bible was written by men [& women], not god? Do you know that some people don’t even believe the bible is anymore than a bunch of fables? You have alot of learning to do. Did you choose to be straight? Or did it just come naturally to you, (assuming you really are straight). It is not a choice. It is another trait given to some by God like being left handed. Can you choose to be left handed? Nope. Same thing. Now one more question: why do you hate something you don’t know anything about? What did gay ever do to you?

Comment by Donna S

F&*& you to the one that says Jodie is a cowerd for being private…thats what I love about her shes not Lindsy, Britney and Paris that you find everday in the gossip columns…fucking up there lifes…Jodie is handling herself like a normal women and she deserves the respect of everyone out there…this women is a great actress I love the emotion she puts into her roles…that takes really hard word and great passion…Thanks for entertaining us Jodie…and frankley she can be omisexual for all I care…as long as she happy and loved…

Comment by Foxy

I love Jodie and it’s jodie’s buisness what she does in her life…Leave her alone..

Comment by Paula Mickle

I think Jodie is a very smart and intelegent Woman that does nothting But, work very hard to raise her family. I have been watching her movies since I was a little girl and I am the age of Jodie foster but, I remeber watching And thinking what a great actress she was and I have admired her for many years…So what if she is lesbian thats totally her buissness. Because I will tell you now that you can’t tell your heart who to love…And for thode out there pointing the finger? Please look at your hands first and see if there clean…Ty

Comment by Sher

You should all be ashamed…people should be defined and respected for what they do,not who they do. If u stop going to see her movies just cause she’s a lesbian, then your an ass. Damn americans.Maybe if you just accept that love comes in all different forms you wouldn’t have so many damn hate crimes. love is blind, maybe if the rest of the world was, we’d all live better lives…
Jodie and Cydney, if you read this…just love your kids and each other and raise them to be strong and who they want to be. thats whats wrong with the world…people try too hard to please everyone but themselves

Comment by Deanna earley

[…] circa 2001 … jodie foster calls herself a lesbian&8230..really she didn&8217t know who Sappho … MediaBut not only does foster seem to feel bound by a personal and professional duty […]

Pingback by why does the media leave jodie foster alone

I still love her!

Comment by Tammy

Its amazing to me how we still try to quote the bible on things like homosexuality in the year 2008, when the bible is nothing other than many interpretations to suite ones need, as well what im saying it is not our place to judge anyone and the bible reading and believing people should be the first to admit that,is God not the only one that can be judge or should be judge, now i dont believe in god and all the people who try to quote the bible and judge are one reason why its impossible for me to follow any religion that has become so hypercritical,,anyways jodie is an amazing actress and thats all that should matter,,cant wait until she makes another movie.

Comment by Garth

You can bible quote all you want…fact is this woman works hard to help our youth who are gay or questioning their sexuality so that they do not fall victim to suicide. She has for quite a while now…simply does not brag about it. Ms. Foster’s quite actions demonstrate her conviction to her principals of humanism.
I will always think it sad we think we have a right to tatoo her with a label and then deem it our responsibity to bounty hunt into her private life. Frankly she has been out there forever just trying to live each day like the rest of us inspite of her strange job. So many here nail it on the head…the photdogs hound in a way that is simply inhumane when it comes to the paternity of her children or to get that salacious picture of her making out with someone that makes her feel simply normal and happy. Even sadder those that only see the outside of the person that brings her personal joy or laughter. She has the right to love and be loved for she is just as human as you and I. Its a basic human need that has nothing to do with religious text. Making callous cruel comments about the people in her life only demonstrate more why she has stubbornly protected her private life. The lady has a calibrated eye for the intrinsic nature of both people and situations both on and off the screen which i bet has been the long time ingridient in the recipes she mixes for her professional success and personal and happiness.
She has never sought the outside the promotion of her life situations only her work as it comes into released. That is just part of her job and a part she has said many times to be the least satisfying part her industry..there ought to be a change of the federal and state laws when it comes to the paparatzi being able to free range her children for their own cheap thrill…or any other celebrity’s kid who has never made a dime being a public figure. None of us know the dynamics of her relationships nor should we unless we are personal friends. She has a right to privacy just like you and I—that is part of the human code…the platinum rule…treat others better than you would want yourself to be treated. I am simply greatful for her work and the basic fact that she defies labels and the squads of goons that label her be the straight or gay….that shows personal conviction and integrity. That is personal character in action and something she has given us all her life on and off screen and requires true inner strength.
How does it truely benefit any of us to know the sorted details of her private life….she simply lives and interacts with projects she believes in…in the past thirty years or more she has been able to do more than most of us inspite of the great peril she has a constant in the way of stalkers….how many of us have had to learn a new way to live at such a young age. If you where a parent would you not also do your best to keep your private profile low when the threats emminent and real… That’s a basic reality of her life and perhaps a huge reason why she has not had the liberty and freedoms to simply do what we in the gay community want her to do and what we have had the luxury to do…just be ourselves. Again my background permits me to find the coming out thing so silly. My culture is native and I was raised that its natural in my clan thus no big deal. I have seen more cruelty within the gay culture outside my native upbring than I dare mention. Again heartbreaking. We lack kindness and we exhibit a great lack of truth when it comes to our own community. At least she is doing her best to work and keep the legacy of her best friend alive by participating in the trevor project. You dont hear her hawking bout her charity works but you sure hear us busting her chops about her responsibilities.
If you truely examine her body of work to include her documentry work you may just find Ms.Foster has been naturally herself for years…minus the need to fulfill our curious needs to know all about who is who and whom they are with.

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