Jodie Foster, Cydney Bernard & the kids
August 30, 2006, 10:30 pm
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Another photo of Jodie Foster and her partner Cydney Bernard with the kids.


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[…] hará unos dos años, incluso La Vanguardia osó publicar que era lesbiana y que su pareja es Cydney Bernard –una productora de […]

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Comment by Jessica Palmer

well, I hope you get better.

Comment by lsm82

They look like a great family!!

Comment by Tammy

they are so wunderful, and jodie is a great women.

Comment by checker

Jodie and her companion are small fries.

Comment by My Two Cents

In comment to the one who said “Makes me sick” I think I know why; she is obviously in love with Jodie Foster and is wrought with jealousy. Either that or she is just a homophobic redneck

Comment by Louisa

Why is it that when someone expresses the fact that they don’t like people that are gay, they are automatically labled homophobic? Is it maybe that they are hetrophobic?? Food for thought.

Comment by Pat

When you don’t like people that are gay YOU ARE homophobic : that’s clearly the definition of it. If you DON’T CARE, you’re not, and you won’t go eeewwww when you see gay people. Stop acting like offensed kids. — Jodie and Cydney look great!!

Comment by Mia

Whos to say.
i would rether see to very intellagent people
tooking care of some children than some morone.
Jodie even if she was not an actress have proven that is is gifted in ways that most people just dream about. So she doesn’t like men. I don’t blame her. Men sometimes theyre nuts! and dangerous. I can see why someone would choose to stay way from them, i would if I could.

Comment by dan

Dan how can you even begin to speak about intelligent people when you cannot even spell the word.

Comment by April

OH and homophobics are people who are afraid of gay people, not people who do not like them.IF someone does not like them, that is their preference not their phobia!

Comment by April

Alice…..Foster… you are and have always been the most intelligent and the most beautiful !! whatever you do, god bless and everyone else can smile at your brillance and beauty……

Comment by Geo

If someone doesn’t like someone because of their gender, orientation, color, religion, etc., it’s their ignorance, not preference. But, luckily for you, I think Jessica is looking for a girlfriend. The two of you would make a lovely closet-case couple.

Comment by Edwina

I’m not homophobic and I don’t give a rat’s ass if a person is gay or not. But, children should have a Mother and a Father NOT Mom and Mom or Dad and Dad. When mankind evolves to the state of natural, asexual or homosexual reproduction I’ll change my mind.

You are welcome to try and change my mind now if you think you can.

Comment by Jimmeye

PS I’m a big Jodie Foster fan. I’ve grown up right along side her and have nothing but good wishes and thoughts for her.

Comment by Jimmeye

So, Jimmeye, what do you think about a family where Mom or Dad has died? That is so not natural.

Comment by Jimmeye's Conscience

Do you have anymore pictures

Comment by luis

Kids need love. Plain and simple. And Jimmeye, we already have evolved where we can reproduce and never touch another soul!

Comment by Theresa

Jodie Foster needs to start directing movies again.
“Home for the holidays” is a little gem.

Comment by hfth

By definition homophobia is Homo meaning man, same, or genus of bipedal primates. Phobia meaning irrational fear of something. So homophobia could mean fear of man (some lesbians could fall in this catagory), the fear of the same (ironic most people like things to stay the same), or the fear of things that walk on two limbs (they would fear most people). So using homophobia to descript the fear or hate of someone who loves or is attracted to a person of the same sex could be considered wrong. Just food for thought.

Comment by TC

Poor children!!! They need a mother and A FATHER, Not TWO MOTHERS. That’s NOT A FAMILY!

Comment by Oberver

las dos estan buenisma pero un ya viejas es que se cuentan todo

Comment by andrea

hey TC: in this case “homo” comes from the Greek for same, not from the Latin word for man, also spelled “homo”. Food for thought.

Comment by jay

yeah. learn what words mean. i hate when ppl use “homophobic” to describe ppl who have different beliefs.

Comment by Joy19

Se me hace genial la diversidad!, bien por ellas y sobre todo por las familias homoparentales!.

Comment by Pamela

Homophobic is not the hatred or dislike of gay ppl but rather the fear of gays. Also i like it how it’s ok to say homophobic and redneck in the same sentence. Can we all say hypocrites 😉
In actuality calling someone a redneck is racist, and both the Hispanic and Black communities have a greater “fear” or phobia of gays then rednecks do. So where does that leave us, the Right saying what they mean and Leftist coming across as hypocrites who can discriminated with no backlash.

Comment by Frank

All that being said they look like a nice family, The irony of life is that they have 2 boys, go figure 2 lesbians have boys. G-ds made sure to make life ironical cause it’s funnier!

Comment by Frank

What a loss for the male species that she loves a woman. I am jealous of her girlfriend. A curse on those men who turned her away from men.

For the illiterate: “homophobic” means fear of homosexuals not hatred of them. Fear could lead to hatred but it is not identical with it.

Comment by Stephen Lamour

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