Richard Simmons is Not a Homosexual?
August 23, 2006, 3:23 am
Filed under: gay and lesbian


That’s what a friend of mine who recently interviewed Simmons in his Beverly Hills aerobics studio, Slimmons, tells me.

The 60something-year-old “queen of aerobics” who sweated us through the oldies in the 80s, who starred on GENERAL HOSPITAL, who taught us how to “deal a meal,” who to this day cries at the drop or gain of a pound and truly empathizes with overweight women; this guy, Richard Simmons, says he’s straight. That’s right, straight. Despite the bejeweled tanks, daisy duke running shorts, perfectly white tennis shoes and scrunchee socks; or that he collects dalmatians and names them after characters from GONE WITH THE WIND – AND – his latest weight loss plan is actually called “Cruise to Lose.” Despite all of this, Simmons claims NOT to be a homosexual.

Wrap your minds around that one!


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If richard simmons isn’t gay I’ll smash my own nuts with a hammer…having said that, gay or not he must be doing something right. i hope when im 60+ i look or am in half as good of shape as he is. ‘Nough said ;0)

Comment by Dro'tokkr

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