Jodie Foster & Cydney Bernard
August 8, 2006, 10:01 pm
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Jodie, Cydney and the kids

Although Jodie Foster has not officially come out to the press, as far as her virtual life is concerned, she’s out.

Two of the most popular user updated sites – IMDB and Wikipedia – recognize Jodie’s longtime girlfriend, Cydney Bernard, though Jodie herself has never named Cydney in
an interview.

Wikipedia Quote:

“Because she has lived with producer Cydney Bernard for several years, some people assume that she is a lesbian, but Foster has not made any public statements regarding her sexual orientation.”

IMDB Quote:

“Has been in a serious relationship with Cydney Bernard since they met in 1993 on the set of the movie Sommersby ”

For the rest of the story:

Wikipedia entry on Jodie

IMDB Biography of Jodie


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J and I were making a list yesterday of other queers who might, in the wake of Lance’s undeniably overwhelmingly positive reception, come out. Jodie was on our list in the “like Lily Tomlin” category — people who are unlikely to stage a big announcement, but might, ONE DAY, start including mention of their partners in interviews… But I hadn’t actually ever seen a pic of these two together before!

Comment by shana

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That picture is Jodie with her mother, Brandy Foster. Not Cydney Bernard. I mean, look how old this woman is.

Comment by trish

Dang her mother looks good for 77!!! geyt a clue Cydney is 53…it’s her woman, so what

Comment by alex

Jodi Foster is a bit uppity? If she outed herself she might find a receptive public. On the other hand, that’s a couple never to be found in a bi/lesbo fantasy flick. Her partner looks like she’s done 20 years hard time shucking oysters.

Comment by Karl Rath

To Karl Rath–
You were well named (strange accident of birth that you were named (W)Rath, don’t you think?

Your two nasty comments here are oppressive. What on earth have you got against these two women? Believe it or not, not every lesbian couple lives to fulfill as you say some “bi/lesbo fantasy flick”! Would you be so freaking critical if Jodie were straight and were with some not perfect-looking guy?

Get a life, man. Leave these two happy, loving and talented ladies alone..

Comment by Antoinette Bolivier

I had a lot of respect for Jodie Foster. But now to find out she’s a queer. She makes me sick.

Comment by David

to david above…

sooo…her being a lesbian suddenly negates her entire career and her acting/directing and producing capabilities?

get a life…seriously. what other people do in bed doesn’t have shit to do with you. and funny isn’t it? she’s a successful actor/director/producer, and you are just some schmuck takin’ potshots on the internet.

jodie FTW!!!

Comment by sapphic_beats


jackass. Men like you aid in women experimenting w/other women. So maybe I should thank you for being such a jackass:)

Comment by stephanie

Does it really matter who she’s sleeping with at the end of the day? What two consenting adults to in their own home is entirely up to them and they are adults, there are far worse things happening in the world than Jodie Foster being involved in a happy, long term relationship.

David…. ffs you muppet, its not contagious! You wont get ‘gay’ just from looking at a pic!

Comment by Kaykie

I don’t care who Jodie Foster sleeps with. She is an enormously talented individual. She has worked since she were a child, is Yale educated, a mother and hasn’t ended up bankrupt and on drugs like other actors. Jodie Rocks!!!!!!!!!

Comment by My Two Cents

Homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God. Anyone who is Pro-Homosexual is anti-God.

Comment by Moses

She’s a great actress, given all film lovers enjoyment with her portrayal of various characters – she’s happy, she’s entitled to her private life at the very least. All of you who feel you can comment on her partner’s looks – what do you look like. Clearly, you have seriously ugly personalities to make such comments – she has more than you ever will and maybe you’re jealous. And for the record I’m not a lesbian but I am in favour of the right to love who ever you choose to – it’s hard enough to find so good luck to whoever does.

Comment by Sharon

to “Moses” above

wow, you are so funny. You don’t believe the things you are saying, right?
Otherwise I hope god is saving us from guys like you

Comment by nono

to moses:

I don’t think God even cares about homosexuality. In fact it is likely to be part of his creation. You know this creationist theory you lot are puttin across…? basically when scientists finally prove that homosexuality is actually part of our genes…(already some evidence) you’ll have to admit that god actually likes a bit of girl on girl action. I also love the fact that Christians tend to be uneducated. Funny.

Comment by Royostercock

Jody is a great actress and thats all that counts.

Comment by marco

Two new studies show why some people are more attractive for members of the opposite sex than others.

The University of Florida, Florida State University found that physically attractive people almost instantly attract the attention of the interlocutor, sobesednitsy with them, literally, it is difficult to make eye. This conclusion was reached by a series of psychological experiments, which were determined by the people who believe in sending the first seconds after the acquaintance. Here, a curious feature: single, unmarried experimental preferred to look at the guys, beauty opposite sex, and family, people most often by representatives of their sex.

The authors believe that this feature developed a behavior as a result of the evolution: a man trying to find a decent pair to acquire offspring. If this is resolved, he wondered potential rivals. Detailed information about this magazine will be published Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

In turn, a joint study of the Rockefeller University, Rockefeller University and Duke University, Duke University in North Carolina revealed that women are perceived differently by men smell. During experiments studied the perception of women one of the ingredients of male pheromone-androstenona smell, which is contained in urine or sweat.

The results were startling: women are part of this repugnant odor, and the other part is very attractive, resembling the smell of vanilla, and the third group have not felt any smell. The authors argue that the reason is that the differences in the receptor responsible for the olfactory system, from different people are different.

It has long been proven that mammals (including human) odor is one way of attracting the attention of representatives of the opposite sex. A detailed article about the journal Nature will publish.

Comment by Feequewaf

Damn, some long toned legs on Jodie

Comment by nonya

RE: Moses
“Homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God. Anyone who is Pro-Homosexual is anti-God.”

God seems to be keeping quiet on the whole business, although everyone seems to quoting him left and right. I suggest you do the same.

Waitaminit! Are you THAT “Moses”

I stand corrected! Anyone who belives what he hears when talking to a bush must know what he’s on about

Comment by paschal

I really don’t care that Jodie is gay. I am surprised to see her partner who appears old enough to be her mother.

Comment by Robert

Ms. Foster is a hugely talented person. I personally believe that the Bible teaches that Homosexuality is an abomination to God. I also believew that God should do the judging, not me. That same Bible teaches that we are to love one another. It also teaches that as we judge, we will be judged. Careful when you are casting stones. Real Christians would love them and pray for them….not judge.

Comment by dj

No one “chooses” to be gay. And it’s not a “lifestyle.” I didn’t choose it and Jodie Foster didn’t choose it … just as heterosexuals don’t choose to be heterosexual. Who would voluntarily choose judgement and persecution???

I always respected Jodie’s desire for privacy, and I so admire her for moving beyond it and sharing more of herself with the world. Thanks Jodie!!! Your one simple statement acknowledging Cydney also acknowleges me and every every other gay person on the planet.

Comment by Mary

YUK – this is sick.

Comment by D

who cares.
she is a great actress and she seems like a great person, i have been a fan since freaky Friday!!! ha hah a hah a
ok i am dating myself, bottomline she is cool.

Comment by lanette

Jodie Foster has choosen to keep her lifestyle private and in a free country there is nothing wrong with that choice. She is a great actress and seems to have a beautiful and loving family – everyone should be so fortunate.

Comment by Paul

Hey, why is everyone being so hard on how Jodie’s partner “looks”? First of all, Jodie Foster looks at least 15-20 years younger than she is since she has kept herself in phemomenal shape… apparently fiscally, physically and spiritually. Further, I have only seen the picture on this website and Cydney is hoofin’ it around with a child on either arm on a mission to get somewhere. I seriously doubt she was thinking of looking her best for America at that particular moment. Not that it matters, but I bet if she did the rudimentary things like hair and change of clothes, she might look quite fabulous and sexy. How are we to know from this one picture? And I am sure they are together because they really appreciate the beauty on the inside, not the fleeting exterior.

Comment by Melissa

Yuk!! This is a terrible news. Very terrible indeed. Neither I nor any members of my family will ever watch Jodie Foster’s movies again.

——not a good role model in any sense of it. I’m really disappointed.

How do you act one likable way in the movies and commit all these sins behind the screen. But God is watching and listening….

Money and fame is not everything.

Comment by Jelck Bbabalakadu


Get a life and GET OFF that religious pedestal before someone knocks you off. If you MUST quote the bible, remember “He who is without sin can cast the first stone”…..I sincerely DOUBT YOU are sinless!!! SO shut up!

Comment by BL

To Jelck Bbabalakadu! In the last 2000 something years NOBODY seen, heard GOD! By the way WHICH GOD r u talking about? Muslim God, Christian God, Hindu GODS!!, Scientology GOD, Jehovah` Witness` GOD, Jainis GOD, Shinto GOD, Sikh GODS, Pagan GODS and GODESSES, Judean GOD, Satanist GODS, Mormon GOD, Taoist GOD, Zoroastrianist GOD, Confucianist GOD, Baha`i GOD, end 1000s of other GODS and GODESSES. SO TELL ME U WANKER! IN THE NAME OF WHAT GOD R U RUNNING YOUR UNDER EDUCATED, HATRED FILLED MOUTH? The reason u r disappointed, because u have never had NO LOVE IN YOUR HEART, NO UNDERSTANDING FOR OTHER HUMANS,NO RESPECT 4 WOMEN AT ALL, AND U CAN NOT THINK OR DECIDE FOR YOURSELF ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Did you know that the holy crappy pope the big Benedict was a Hitler Jugend???? He represent your god. Well, my GOD is more understanding and loving. At the end we will c what will happen at Judgement Day to all of the people haters. enkisgirl2012 spoken

Comment by Lizzy

Why does it matter if everyone knows who Jodie Foster sleeps with, she is a private person and always has been! I respect that, more people should respect the rights of others, no matter what those rights may be.. the right to privacy, I think we all want that! Being in the public eye does not mean you need to be public with your life. As far as her partner.. who cares!

Comment by Melody

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Who cares if she is guy or not and what her sexual orientation is??? Life is all about our own choices and if her choice is to be with someone that she care for and it happens to be a woman…good for her!!!
If she does happen to be guy, I admire her for her choice and respect her for making it. Because there is a lot of us out there who are not bold enough to admit it and its people like Jodie Foster who help those of us to realise that a man is not the only option to be happy in our day and age.

Comment by Athena

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