Schwarzenegger Will Raise Money for Gay Republicans
June 20, 2006, 5:10 pm
Filed under: gay and lesbian, Log Cabin Republicans, politics

Leave it to the Log Cabin Republicans to support a politician who openly opposes gay rights.

The Log Cabin Republicans have invited Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to be the keynote speaker at their $250-a-plate June 29 fundraiser. “There is a better than 50-50 chance this man will be the governor of California for the next four years, and for the gay community to label somebody based on one veto is shortsighted,”said Log Cabin President Patrick Guerrero. “We thought allowing him to address these issues in a friendly setting as well as giving him a chance to get another look at who gay and lesbian families are was important both for him and for us.”

Meanwhile, the Gov. vetoed a gay marriage bill in September and openly opposes an up-and-coming bill that would require chapters from gay history to be added to public school text books in California.

This makes me physically ill. Once again, the Log Cabin Republicans – so pathetic in their desire to fit in with the boys – are blindly willing to help politicians use gay groups to soften their image with the public. As much as I understand the need for bipartisan participation in the struggle for civil rights, I don’t feel The Log Cabin Republicans have successfully leveraged their power to sway a single politician. Instead, what I see over and over again, is politicians using the Log Cabin boys to have their cake and eat it too – vote against gay rights to appease their conservate christian base while postering themselves as fiscal conservatives with groups like the Log Cabin Republicans so as to not offend socially moderate voters.

According to the Mercury News, Ron Prentice, executive director of the California Family Council, has already given Schwarzenegger the go ahead, saying he is not at risk of losing conservative voters by speaking to a gay group so long as he follows through on his promise to sink the textbook bill.

For The Log Cabin Republicans to be effective, not to mention respectable, they need to stop accepting lip service and demand the vote.


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