Kelly McGillis, First Crush
June 19, 2006, 4:57 am
Filed under: gay and lesbain

Kelly McGillis

7th Grade. Can still remember the poster on my friend’s bedroom wall. Top Gun. Not Tom but Kelly. Beautiful. Smart. Tall. Convertable. Blonde hair, wind. Perfect eyes. Mouth. Legs. Wow!


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Comment by JoJoe

i want chat with u

Comment by najim

i really admire your photos

Comment by weezy van

send ur nice pic for me plz

Comment by najim

you are beatifull, i remember top gun write from chile

Comment by sebastian

I was amazed when I herd on the radio this morning they were talking about you and said that you done with men and wanted to move on. I understand why you would feel that way. I switched sides a long time ago. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Comment by Deb

Dear Kelly,
Hello, i’m Harry, Indonesia. Sorry my speaking english not so well and i do speaking to you with the Spain English. I’m very much for your movie sadeta.
Kafe tane sadeta fer safety tadeta. Dena sade pade…kafe tane sade…eba pane sadeta. Sane sade for your family, Sadeta_

Comment by Harry

Please Madam Kelly, I haven’t communicate with you before, but I would ask you this if you can feel help me, then I would be gad, please madam Kelly, professional movie editor and moreover librettist I am, and please I need help from you to make movie or launches album and you too for your shares please. How about that please.

Comment by sixtycelice

Kelly….I always see you as a woman of stature,beautiful,elegant and the breeding type…now that you have changed course…from Eve and Steve to Eve and Eve….how will we flourish the Earth…?

Comment by Abe Qumi

it is a somewhat a heart breaking., just because you were the ultimate what a real woman should look like.
when i think of une femme ithink of kelly.

Comment by idriss bensassi

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