It’s Republicans Who Should Be Angry With President Bush
June 6, 2006, 4:21 pm
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Great Op-Ed in the Washington Post today by E. J. Dionne Jr arguing, “The people who should be angry this week are not liberals or gays or lesbians, but the president’s most loyal supporters. After using the gay-marriage issue shamelessly in the 2004 campaign, Bush and Republican leaders left opponents of gay marriage out in the cold as they concentrated on the party’s real priorities: privatizing Social Security and cutting taxes on rich people.”

When Bush was at his position of maximum strength after the 2004 election, did he use his political energy on behalf of a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage? Not at all. In an interview with The Post on Jan. 14, 2005, he dismissed the question, arguing that since many senators felt that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was already an effective bar to the spread of gay marital unions, there was no point in fighting for a constitutional change.

So the question is: What do Bush and his crew really care about if not gay marriage? Keep your eyes peeled for action around abolishing the estate tax.


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