Christian Conservatives Angry with President Bush
June 3, 2006, 3:17 pm
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Though Bush is scheduled to announce his support of the federal marriage amendment on Monday, his religious right base is not satisfied with the President’s efforts “to protect traditional marriage.” Joe Glover, president of the conservative Christian group Family Policy Network in Virginia, has complained openly about the President, saying,

“The Bush administration is only tiptoeing around this amendment. It’s clear he’s not serious about the amendment. He’s not doing a lot of arm-twisting to get votes or making campaign commitments to get votes. This administration could care less about protecting marriage. Otherwise they would have had a ceremony in the Rose Garden three or four weeks ago. There would be several sore arms in the Senate by now.”

Meanwhile, Dems and just about every one else in the country see the President’s efforts, like those of Senator Bill Frist, as inauthentic and politically motivated. Said Democratic National Committee spokesperson Damien LaVera,

“Neither Senator Frist nor President Bush should be using marriage as a wedge issue to pander to extremists in their conservative base or distract Americans from their failed leadership… Because polls show that the American people, including their core supporters, have completely rejected their failed agenda, President Bush and Bill Frist are once again pushing a hate-filled constitutional amendment that attacks LGBT Americans.”

Looks like President Bush is caught between a rock and a gay place. Similar to Hillary Clinton, he’s loosing the smallest, but most vocal part of his base in going for the center.

Washington Blade


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