Bill Frist knows more about Asshole than Fags!
June 2, 2006, 9:45 pm
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Bill Frist knows more about asshole than fags because Bill Frist is an asshole.

He’s also a political opportunist, using the issue of gay marriage to put himself in the media spotlight. In his recent essay, “We Must Preserve Traditional Marriage,” Frist argues,

“On Monday, June 5, I will bring to the Senate floor the Marriage Protection Amendment to ensure the definition of marriage endures and remains true to the wishes of the majority of the American people.”

Though the states have proven adept at handeling this issue at home, Bill Frist is pushing for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage at the federal level. Why would he do this – knowing full well that the amendment stands NO chance of passing? Because he wants to be “the guy who tried to defend traditional marriage.” Call him old-fashioned.

But what about poverty, education or health care? What about AIDS education, the environment? Social security? What about homelessness or the crystal meth problem that’s destroying our blue colar youth and filling our jails, costing government millions? Are these issues just not sexy enough for politicians to run on anymore? What about the Katrina victims, and the gross racial inequities we saw through the media coverage of Katrina? What ever happened to that issue?

And WHY gay marriage? Gay marriage – if anything – is good for business – especially the marriage industry- and promotes family values. Gay marriage is gay people wanting to have strong, stable relationships, exactly what the opponents of gay marraige supposedly stand for. Gay marriage is not filling our jails or costing the government anything.

Gay marrriage is a bogus issue as deep as the assholes – a la Bill Frist – promoting it.


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