Log Cabin Republicans Applaud Mary Cheney

Republican National Convention

Can YOU find Mary Cheney in this photo?

To the surprise of no one, the Log Cabin Republicans applauded Mary Cheney for sharing her story in her new tell all book, NOW IT’S MY TURN.

LCR also used this opportunity to remind all the liberal leaning gays out there that Dick Cheney – regardless of his party’s platform against gay and lesbian equality – has at least verbally supported Mary’s sexuality, recalling his comments from August 2004:

“Lynne and I have a gay daughter, so it’s an issue that our family is very familiar with. We have two daughters, and we have enormous pride in both of them…And we are blessed with both our daughters. The question that comes up with respect to the issue of marriage is what kind of official sanction, or approval is going to be granted by government…Historically, that’s been a relationship that has been handled by the states. I made clear four years ago…that my view was that that’s appropriately a matter for the states to decide, that that’s how it ought to best be handled.”

For those of you out there not familiar with the LCR, basically they’re a group of mostly white, upper middle-class men who were frat boys in college when they discovered they liked to f#%$ other men, and now – resisting society’s urge to group them with the rest of us fags and dykes – they’re asserting their individuality by being Republicans, despite the fact that the Republican Party is openly hostile to gay and lesbian people (and yes, I know that it was Bill Clinton who voted in “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and the first “marriage protection” act). Fellow blogger, Boi from Troy, cleverly coined LCR as the group that stands for sodomy and tax cuts. They’re like Jews for Jesus or African-Americans who voted for George Wallace back in the 60s.

And now they’re applauding the Cheney family. Which nearly works, except that in order to do so, LCR has to avoid blatant inconsistencies in Dick and Mary’s behavior. Such as Mary and her partner’s conspicuous absence from the stage during the 2000 Republican National Convention. Where was Dick and Lynne’s support of their gay daughter then?

Guess it wasn’t politically convenient.


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