Howard Stern Says He Won’t Marry Until Gays Can
May 15, 2006, 6:42 pm
Filed under: entertainment, gay and lesbian, politics


Howard Stern announced today during his radio show that he will not marry until gays and lesbians can marry. Stern dates model Beth Ostrosky so this announcement comes as a surprise. Unless, of course, the clever shock jock is using the gay marriage issue as a “political tool” to avoid having to pop the question to his girlfriend.


Robin Quivers: “The Congress is going to start debating gay marriage and whether it should be banned, or if we should have an amendment banning gay marriage. So they [the press] talked to First Lady Laura Bush, who also doesn’t believe the polls that her husband is losing popularity. She says they have to be very careful when considering a gay ban amendment.”

Laura Bush Soundbite: “I don’t think it should be used as a campaign tool, obviously, but I do think it’s something that people in the United States want to debate and it requires a lot of sensitivity.”

Robin: “Well that’s a bunch of nothing. Here’s Sen. Bill Frist who will be in that debate and says marriage is under attack in the United States.”

Bill Frist Soundbite: “Mr. Vice President, right now marriage is under attack in this country and we say that we’ve seen activist judges overturning state by state law…”

Howard Stern interrupts the soundbite with an enthusiastic, “Good! I say, ‘I’m never getting married unless gays can get married.'”

Robin: “There you go.”

Howard: “That’s my cause.”



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