Cry Us a River
May 13, 2006, 2:24 pm
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Now its my Turn

Thought I was the only one roasting Mary Cheney for her apparent hypocrisy? Not by a long shot. Even the gentle readers of USA TODAY are not having it.

Take a gander….

Now It’s My Turn reads the cover of Mary Cheney’s book (“Mary Cheney has her turn to speak — and write,” Life, Monday).

Now? She and her father have nothing to lose publicly, so now she wants our attention. In 2004, Mary Cheney was in an enviable position of power and influence. The microphone was all hers.

Yet, she states she was “happier and more comfortable staying behind the scenes.” Well then by all means, stay there. We needed to hear from you then. Now is too little, too late.

Robert Fahr, Dallas
Apologist for the GOP

Mary Cheney writes that she was “furious” when John Kerry mentioned her sexuality during a 2004 presidential debate. If Kerry had any advantage to gain, it was in pointing out the chilling example of parents — in this case, Vice President Cheney and his wife — who look the other way while their gay children are used as symbolic whipping posts by the Republican Party. If this was Kerry’s intent, it was justified and timely.

Ms. Cheney also writes that she “never imagined that there were people who would try to use me and my sexual orientation for their own political benefit.” If anyone has used sexual orientation in a bid to gain votes, it is the Republicans, with their scaremonger electoral tactics. To suggest otherwise is patently absurd.

How sad that Mary Cheney continues to be an apologist for the Republican Party. I understand that she loves her father, but her loyalty to his career comes at a tremendous cost to millions of gay Americans who don’t hold a fraction of the rights of other Americans.

The fact that she “almost” quit her job with the 2004 Bush/Cheney ticket should not be congratulated or applauded. Almost doesn’t count. In the old days, we had a name for people like her: We called them Uncle Tom.

Greg Durham,Brooklyn, N.Y.
Take a stand, Mary

After reading USA TODAY’s article on Mary Cheney, I ask: How can anyone respect her opinion?

She says she and her girlfriend consider themselves married, and her last quote is that they are “just waiting for the state and federal laws to catch up with us” — referring to bans of same-sex marriages and even civil unions. Yet, she worked hard to re-elect an administration that wants to make sure that never happens.

Mary, you can’t have it both ways. It is time you truly stand up for what you say you believe in.

Dave Cook, Miami Beach


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