Jodie Foster – is she or isn’t she?
May 10, 2006, 5:43 am
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Jodie, Cydney and the kids

Although Jodie Foster has not officially come out to the press – as far as her virtual life is concerned, she’s out.

Two of the most popular user updated sites – IMDB and Wikipedia – recognize Jodie’s longtime girlfriend, Cydney Bernard, though she herself has never named Cydney in an interview.

A case in point on the power of decentralized, bottom up media.

Wikipedia Quote:

“Because she has lived with producer Cydney Bernard for several years, some people assume that she is a lesbian, but Foster has not made any public statements regarding her sexual orientation.”

IMDB Quote:

“Has been in a serious relationship with Cydney Bernard since they met in 1993 on the set of the movie Sommersby ”

For the rest of the story:

Wikipedia entry on Jodie

IMDB Biography of Jodie


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Good luck to them both.

Comment by benji

Good luck? Did they just buy Lotto tickets?

Comment by Karl Rath

There is no doubt she is a lesbian.

Comment by benji

Great actress, 14 years with the same person, loving family….who could want more?

Comment by Jim Pryor

Who cares! It’s her private life anyway,what matters to her fans (myself included) are her films.She is a brilliant actress,and I’ve been a fan since she played Eddy’s friend in Courtship of Eddy’s Father.

Comment by dhjim

She is one of the best actresses out there. And looks like a happy person too.

Comment by lsm82

Hopefully the kids won’t be ridiculed. Kids can be some mean.

Comment by Pat

She’s gay, and so is Kevin Spacey. And you’re gay.

Comment by Paul

I loved her in that Coppertone commercial.

Comment by Jimmeye's Conscience

Jodie’s girlfriend is not attractive at all. She must have a wonderful personality !!!!!!!

Comment by Sharon

Good for them

Comment by Pepe

what a shame, such a smart an pretty woman as she… isnt there a man good enough for her or what?

Comment by Deuces

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